Self-Worth — Because You’re Worth It!

In relation to the article I posted about self-worth, I thought this was a terrific piece to help you take notice when you are being too hard on yourself. Even when you catch yourself judging others or comparing, these are encouraging words from Nisha…

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NY Fashion Show: Chi Chi Vogue Custom Collections


Hey New Yorkers!! @chichivogu3 presents her 4th annual CHICHIVOGUE Fashion Show

Date & Time:  July 20th 2014 @6pm.

Venue: The Warehouse

Address: 130 South Columbus Avenue Mount Vernon, NY 10553.

Don’t miss this event!!!


Check out some of her designs…….

My Daily Makeup Routine

Hi everyone! I’m in a rut – a makeup rut, to be precise. But hey, why fix something that ain’t broken, right? It may be a bit boring to go for the same products every single day, but it also saves a lot of time in the morning. As I haven’t done a proper…

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